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Sociological Journal               

the Sociological Journal offers students the opportunity to write about connections between their own lives (including our larger social world) and sociological concepts interrogated in class. Students will write a total of THREE responses to the prompts below. Please address the entire prompt and make sure to thoroughly elaborate on the examples discussed. Your journal entries should be well organized, well-structured, and well-written. College-level writing is expected for this assignment.

Upload on Canvas as ONE document with the three journal entries clearly identifies (e.g., 1, 2, 3). The document will be reviewed by Turnitin.com, so please, make sure to cite your sources.

Format: Please, type this assignment using Times New Roman, 12-point font, use double space, and have 1-inch margins all around. Each journal response should be between 1-2 pages. Please include a title page and use ASA (American Sociological Association) reference style if you use citations in your journals. ASA Style Guide https://www.asanet.org/sites/default/files/savvy/documents/teaching/pdfs/Quick_Tips_for_ASA_Style.pdf
Journal Prompts:

Journal #1, Theory and Coronavirus: Drawing from any chapter you would like, discuss the major tenets of functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism. Discuss which theory you find the most helpful in understanding the spread of the Coronavirus and our societys response to the virus?                                                *Hint: Chapter 1 provides an overview of the three theories. Also, in most chapters, there are examples of how the theories are applied to various social issues.

Journal #2, Race-Ethnicity and Coronavirus: Drawing from Chapter 8 AND a newspaper article or news story of your choice (from a credible source like the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, Fox, CNN, etc. please provide a citation of your source) discuss how racial-ethnic inequality is shaping the Coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. You may focus on a specific U.S. city or state or the entire United States.

Journal #3, Gender Inequality: Drawing from Ch. 9, the BBC video on infancy and gender socialization, the New York Times article on gender and economic inequality, AND the Tarana Turke Ted Talk  (available under Week 4 Module) identify and discuss the various manifestations of gender inequality discussed. Which aspects of gender/sexual inequality do you feel are the most harmful to girls and women, and why (e.g., sexual harassment and violence, income inequality, political representation, etc.)? MAKE SURE TO IDENTIFY THE SOURCES YOU DRAW FROM IN YOUR FIRST SENTENCE and TO PROVIDE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES FROM THE SOURCES ABOVE, (Points will be deducted if specific examples are not discussed and identified.)


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