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Career plan

Paper No. 2: Career Plan: (10 points) This paper is designed to help you think through your own career path.  1) Start from what you have done already, by examining your past strengths and honestly assessing past liabilities.  If you have had academic or career difficulties, how did you overcome these adversities? What have you learned from them, and what steps have you taken and/or do you need to take to avoid these in the future?  2) Examine your strengths: academic, social and personal.  Consider how to use these strengths to get where you want to go.  3) Finally, where you want to go from here? Have you researched this career?  Do you know anyone who already works in this career? Do you have a mentor?  What are the many steps, large and small, you would need to take, and what is your plan to achieve them? How will you sustain your drive on your way to success? Who will help you? Is there a person who could get in the way in this momentum?  Ho

Family Diversity

Observe, compare and contrast two families of different ethnicity and/or race and compare and contrast including, but not limited to; the culture, values, ethnicity, customs, family expectation, interactions, role etc. of the families (Incorporate information and knowledge gained from texts and supplemental sources) Paper length 3-4 pages .

LGBTQ Christians

35)  Annotated Bibliography (15pointssubmitted on OaksDropbox in pdf format).  For this assignment you will turn in a summary of tensources that you have located foryour research project(you will only include pieces that you found useful).  Eight of these sources must be either from academic journals or books(they must be peer-reviewed sources). The sources must provide a mix of topical and theoretical relevance to yourproject.  Only two of the tensources may be from newspapers and other news sources.  However, you are highlyencouraged to utilize local news sources for your projectas extra sources.  All of the sources must be at least as recent as 2000.However, if you find a classic source that is of high-relevance to your project, then you may include it.  You need to use complete sentences.  Books may require longer annotations.  For books that serve as collections of articles(edited volumes),you maytreat each article as a separate source.

Microinteractionist Theory

Provide a short 1-2 paper that summarizes and/or critiques one of the readings from the Microinteractionist Tradition. Make sure your paper provides the name of the reading or readings that your paper covers. You may summarize all of the readings for that class session, or just choose one that most interests you and write about that. Quote and Cite from the readings as well.

Blumer and the Thomas Theorem
Cooley and the "Looking Glass Self"

Social Movements and Revolutions

Choose a revolution to discuss. You may refer to one of the revolutions listed in our text or you may find a peer reviewed journal article (no more than five years old) that adequately describes a revolution.

A) Briefly describe the revolution in your own words.

B) Apply one structural theory of revolution to this revolution.

C) What was the outcome of this revolution?  Your informed response should be based in factual information from which you can create a sociological analysis.

Race & Ethnicity Discussion/ 10 word story

Race & Ethnicity Discussion
RACE, RACISM, DISCRIMINATION, PREJUDICE, STEREOTYPES, COLOR BLIND RACISM.... this is constantly around us. From a historical perspective there is a deep root of discrimination, racism, etc. specifically towards Black/African Americans. The situations have led to the Civil Rights Movement, Freedom from slavery, Education, and more. Some of you highlighted this in the last discussion about inequities. Most recently the killing of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor has caused a shift in movement and mindset. Think about your personal views and perspectives. You can also share your experiences.

The following terms are important and are some of the highlights in the chapter. READ THE CHAPTER. For this assignment you will choose ONE word from the list below and create your definition of the word. Your definition may include thoughts or words that come to your mind. Example of a definition from a previous class "Assuming a person of color is suspici

Ggrb assignment

It is an assignment from Oct.29 11am. for east coast time. You will paraphrase two answers that I will give you at 11am. It is like an assignment and I bought the answers from tutor. There are 10 questions and answers and I will choose 2 to answer. All you need to do is to paraphrase the answer key that I give to you in 50 minutes. 300 words for each questions and 600 in total.

Schizophrenia Spectrum and other Psychotic disorders

Schizophrenia Spectrum and other Psychotic disorders

1.  Psychotic disorders are defined by the abnormalities in one or more of the following 5 domains:  delusions, hallucinations, disorganized thinking, grossly disorganized or abnormal motor behavior, and negative symptoms.

2. Delusions are: strongly fixed beliefs that are not grounded in reality and are inflexible even when presented with contrary evidence.

3. Hallucinations are: lifelike experiences in which a person senses something despite a complete lack of external stimulus.

4. Disorganized speech or thought:  disorganized thinking manifests in one's speech.  This includes rapidly shifting subjects, unrelated answers to questions, poor sentence structures

5. Grossly disorganized or abnormal motor behavior:  staring, rocking, repeated movements, catatonia

6. Negative symptoms: Symptoms that are missing or not present ( diminished emotional expression, decrease in

Policy Memo Topic Proposal

Instead of a final exam, this course has a policy memo due in Week 8. I want to help shape your work and scope your research. Please submit a short (no more than 250 word) summary of your policy memo topic during Week 4 of class.

For the memo, you should imagine that you are a state or city government policy advisor. Your governor or city mayor needs your boss to brief them on a critical problem facing your community. You need to develop a memo that will help your boss "get smart" on the problem and come up with some potential solutions. It is important to select a topic that is very specific. As an example, selecting "education reform" is too general. However, looking at whether your community should expand charter schools or accept new testing standards is better scoped. This specificity will help with your research too.

The full memo requirements are under the Assignments Tab along with a memo template plus the grading rubric to the assignment.

Heath Care Reform

This week we explored the challenges of cost and access as it relates to health care.

(1) What factors have led to increasing health care costs?

(2) What are some ways to control these costs?  As you discuss solutions, please acknowledge potential criticisms of your proposal and offer counter-points for consideration.