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Critical issues with social media marketing

The paper should be written in English (either US or UK spelling), font 11 or 12On your first (cover) page, include your full names and the topic chosenThe paper shouldnot exceed 1500 words (excluding references) and should notbe less than 1000 wordsThe paper should include a minimum of 5 scholarly references (e.g. books, book chapters, academic journal articles)Use APA style for referencing your sources in the textQuotations if longer than 30 words should be indented (font 11, in italics)The paper should include a brief introduction (where the topic is introduced, its relevance and the key issue(s) are clearly articulated), a main section where you may define key concepts, present the main arguments and discuss them withpractical illustrations(where you provide real-world examples to the concepts and arguments presented), and a conclusion where you synthesize the key issues, articulate your views and mention the broader implications for marketers/societyList your references by alphabe

Luckin coffee s s ales fraud ac cused by Muddy Waters in 2020

Write a press release /announcement from the angle of the Company to respond the issue (in
either English or chinese ) and prepare a mock QA list of at least 10 questions and answers (in
either English or chinese for media inquiries as personal assignment . Response is a ssume d to
be issued within 48 hours , and all information should be based on real cases

Case study on the branding of American Red Cross (a non-profit organization)


Write a case study on American Red Cross (focus on global brand not regional offices), answer these questions in essay form:
1.    How strategic is this brand in the NGO marketplace?
give examples of key differentiators of this brand from competitors?
does it have good marketing and branding consistency of look + feel and key messages?
Effectively engage constituents, volunteers and stakeholders?
2.    Is this brand credible and trustworthy?
any scandals?
good financial support?
doing good work in their sector?
3.    What challenges do you see facing this brand in the future?


demonstrate abilities of theoretical application of brand building and social marketing analysis of a nonprofit organization in a case study (i.e. need to include theoretical application)
Proper citation and reference format required (The style and punctuation of the

Financial document

The plan is that you need to make a presentation selling our Marketing plan to the head of Marketing. You are all creating PowerPoint slides and audio recordings of or piece of the marketing plan you made in Part A. Also, identify X/Y/Z from the financial document.

Financial document

The plan is that you need to make a presentation selling our Marketing plan to the head of Marketing. You are all creating PowerPoint slides and audio recordings of or piece of the marketing plan you made in Part A. Also, identify X/Y/Z from the financial document.

digital marketing ; Develop an Innovative Marketing Initiative Using the Access Strategy

Develop an Innovative Marketing Initiative Using the Access Strategy
1.    Select a company or a business of a company. Why did you choose this company? What is the business challenge that you aim to solve with the Access strategy?
2.    What is your specific business objective? Is it changing the brand image, repositioning the brand, driving sales, generating leads, or something else? Explain why you chose this strategy.
3.    Who is your target customer? Think about the types or segments of customers that are most relevant to achieve the business objective. Break down your target segments and address their particular needs and characteristics.
4.    What is your digital innovation using the Access Strategy? Some approaches to consider include on-demand services, location-based services or geo-fencing, mobile wallets and loyalty, solving a moment of need, omni-channel integration, and wearables. Provide details

M05 Positioning and Differentiation

each part should be 12 paragraphs or several bullet points in length. For this discussion post, use the same company that you chose in Module 2 to conduct your Marketing Plan project on (Red Bull GmbH). This will help you dive deeper into information on that specific company, and it will allow your peers to learn more about your chosen company as well.

Part 1: Competitive Advantages & Market Niche
List the top five competitive advantages of the organization youre focusing on: the things that make it different from competitors in positive ways. Based on the competitive advantages, what do you think is the organization's market niche? Why do you think this is the right approach?

Part 2: Positioning Statement
List your company's existing positioning statement below. For example, Targets positioning statement expect more. pay less. is short and to the point, but consumers get the message. Do you think your company's positioning statement is effectiv

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Final Project / Group Assignment

Groups of three or four will collaborate to complete the final assessment. Groups can choose the company name of a Sport Nutrition Company.

This Sports Nutrition Company is specialized in Nutritional Supplements for sporty people. The company offers a range of protein drinks and shakes in various flavours, protein bars, capsule supplements and vitamins. It distributes its products through gyms, nutrition stores, and trainers all around Spain. Its mission is to develop the most scientifically advanced and effective supplements to help you build muscle and strength, lose weight, and improve athletic performance.

For this assignment, we will assume this organization seeks to recover the leadership position in the national market. The company lost the leadership position during the last five years due to not to have adapted the company to the new market changes and digital environment. The marketing departmen

news analysis and discussion

Uncover a current or recent (within the current month/year) news item from a reputable news source that RELATES TO YOUR CLIENT -- Fox Sports app (either about your client, the industry, or the client's competition).  The goal for the final uncover blog posts is to be focused on monitoring news that could impact your client/project. (This is something PR folks do every morning.)

Write a brief summary of the news item. Since you will provide the link, there is no need to write out the entire article. Summarize in 1-3 sentences. The majority of your post should be your discussion and analysis.

Discuss how you think the information in the story relates to YOUR CLIENT. If the news deals with a campaign, crisis, strategy, or special audience discuss the relevance to your client. Put yourself as the PR person for the newsmaker: what audiences do you need to concern yourself with, is this a negative or positive story, what does the story say about the brand? Is there any in

Case Study Analysis: TOMS Shoes: One for One Movement

M4 Case Study Analysis: TOMS Shoes: One for One Movement

This case discusses the revolutionary business model of TOMS and how it has achieved such success. It begins by analyzing the background and origins of the TOMS shoes business concept: it would provide a pair of shoes for a needy child for every pair sold by the retailer.

By Joe Hastings - Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

The case discusses TOMS operational approach and how the organization manages to carry out its central mission. The culture of the company and its marketing strategies also are discussed. Next, the case examines the impact this business model has on both society and other organizations. Finally, the case details some of the criticism TOMS has received as well as some of the risks it has endured.

Case Study Tasks

Read the case in the text carefully and then prepare a case analysis by applying the decision model for resolving ethical issues. This is a full case analysis assignment.