Health Impact Assessment (HIA) Critique on California’s Sweetened Beverage Tax

For the Health Impact Assessment (HIA) Critique on Californias sweetened Beverage Tax that you are assigned:
1.    Read the attached files including lecture slide 1-7, Report on Californias sweetened Beverage Tax and HIA Practice Standards, then write a HIA Critique.
2.    Using no more than 5 pages (double-spaced, 12 point font size) provide a very brief description of the HIA topic (assume that we read the HIA report), HIA methods used, stakeholder engagement, equity, major findings and recommendations, and overall strengths and weaknesses. In this paper, please focus on sharing your critiques of the HIA, as opposed to summarizing the report. You may find the resources listed in the syllabus useful for your critique.
3.    Prepare at least one question/discussion point regarding the HIA that you.
Additional Guidance:
    You should prepare your response in paragraph form using no less than 12 point font size.
    You are not expected to use additional background references in crafting your response. The information included in the HIA report should be sufficient. If important information about HIA is missing, note that in the critique.
    Class lecture slides1-7 and the HIA Practice Standards are good resources that describe the necessary elements of an HIA. It may be helpful to refer to these when evaluating and critiquing the HIA.
    Assume that we read the HIA; there is no need to provide an extensive summary.
    Please make sure that your comments are cogent and grammatically correct.
    There is NO expectation that you do additional research for the critique. Critique the HIA based on the information in the report. If something is missing that is important to help you understand how the team approached a specific step of the HIA process, include this in your critique.
    We dont expect you to dig into the appendices. If the HIA has an appendix with important methods, it should be referenced in the Assessment step. If not, note this.


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