Litterature review

there is 2 literature reviews to do

Subject 1= competitiveness
subject 2=customer satisfaction and loyalty
class=business development

The requirement is to use the library databases to identify appropriate sources relating to the chosen strategic management model (or concept). The preferred database is Emerald, and the sources should be from peer-reviewed sources only. This, therefore, excludes business sources found on other databases such as ProQuest. Articles provided as course resources on Moodle may be used in your selection of articles. Exceptionally, a report may be used as a data source, for example, if the chosen subject is Franchising, then the use of the US Franchise Fee guide may be a good source to present how the importance and application of the theory are relevant in todays world of Hospitality.

1. Introduction
The model/concept is to be presented and explained. This may be in bullet point format, a hand drawn diagram or simply a written explanation (maximum of 100 words).

Your goal is to review academic literature in your chosen subject area. The 4 articles should be from no earlier than 2010.
You are to present the different academic views on your subject matter, critically analyzing the views in relation to the current importance of the business application of the model/concept in the world of Hospitality and associated industries. You are to synthesise these academic views and to give your own interpretation, ensuring that they are referenced accordingly, with either in text citations or

direct quotations (approx. 600 words). It is anticipated that the views will be extracted from any section of any of the 4 articles, however, the relevance of the results of the pieces of research may well allow for a more critical assessment of the validity and importance of the model/concept chosen.
3. Conclusion
This should be a summary of what you have presented and conclude with your position on the importance and/or application of the chosen model/concept (100 words).


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