Marketing and advertising strategy

In this final a ssignment of the cou rse, you will use the Zakdee’s, Inc. case study information, your work on the previous assignment, and every thi ng you have learned and practiced to date to develop a marketing and advertising strategy for the new store location.  Zakdee’s, Inc.  still needs your help to develop and execute an advertising and marketing strategy to promote the business, including a plan for driving business results in the new store. The company needs to build a strong selling and service culture, ensure effective execution of the organization’s plans, and develop its people. Additionally, the management team must be competent in analyzing the store’s business and formulating a response to market shifts.  Having the correct strategies and plans is the key to long-term business success.  Think critically when you consider the factors and elements that must be evaluated to develop an advertising and marketing strategy and plan for the new store. Use your conclusions as you answer the following questions to develop your strategy.
Click  here to access and review the Zakdee’s, Inc. case study information.
Synthesize your answers to the following questions to develop an integrated marketing and advertising strategy for the new store: (Build on the overall business strategy components you developed in Assignment 6.1)
Make and defend recommendations regarding when, where, and how the company should advertise and market the new store.
Explain how the company brand tagline will be incorporated into the marketing and advertising strategy.
Categorize the different promotional channels that should be used to promote the company, in addition to traditional advertising.
Under what conditions should Zakdee’s, Inc. use social networking to reach its target market?
Identify what merchandising/product strategy is most suitable for the new store and explain why.
What kind of products should be promoted in the new location, given the demographic information for the target market? Justify your choice(s).
How should the store design be used to promote products and facilitate customer service?
Identify and explain the steps you will take to develop a “people” strategy; a plan that helps employees understand the value of effectively executing an integrated marketing plan to create sales and profit for the store.
How will you determine if your strategy is working to ensure the store’s success?
Present and defend your strategy, which will include your answers to the preceding questions, in a six-page (minimum) paper.  The minimum length does not include the title page, abstract, reference page, or any additional pages containing charts, appendices, etc.  A minimum of three outside research sources are required for this assignment, in addition to any internal (your company) source(s) you might use.
Format Instructions:  Your paper must be double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, with 1 margins on all sides.  It must consist of a title page, abstract, body of the paper, and a reference page.  Level I, Level II, and Level III headings must be used in the body of the paper.  An appendix (or appendices) must be included after the reference page.  The appendix/appendices should contain materials to support your answers to the questions posed in this paper. Since outside sources are required on this assignment, APA style in-text citations must be included in the body of the paper.  The guidelines for In-Text citations may be found here.  You are expected to follow all APA style guide requirements.


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