Social Media Business Ethics

Research Paper: 
The research paper may be on any topic related to business ethics. There are two important words in that description. First, the topic must be business-related. If you want to write on healthcare, then the topic must be about the business of healthcare. If you are interested in sports, then the topic must be on the business of sports. The second point in the description is the focus on ethics. You must analyze the topic through the lens of ethical reasoning.
The paper should be at least 15 typed pages (double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font, and 1-inch margins on all sides). A separate Works Cited page should be included to identify the sources for your citations. All sources listed in the Works Cited should be cited in the body of the paper, and any source cited in the body of the paper must be included in the Works Cited.
Your research paper should contain at least 15 scholarly resources (excluding the textbook) and must be properly cited using APA.
Avoid plagiarism in your paper.
Your research paper should follow this general format:
    Overview of the Topic
    Research and discussion supporting one side or viewpoint.
    Research and discussion supporting the opposing side or viewpoint.
    Discussion and analysis of the different sides or viewpoints.
    Your scholarly conclusion of the issue and the reasoning behind your conclusion.
Please DO NOT make the following mistakes on your paper:
1.    Write a high-school research paper on the topic assigned.  For example, dont write a paper that tells me what diversity is. If you select diversity as a topic, dig into the academic and professional literature regarding diversity and discuss the ethical implications of the subject. Your paper should argue the underlying issues of the topic.
2.    Avoid long quotes.  Graduate students understand that their job is to synthesize the work of others into coherent ideas.
3.    Avoid simply paraphrasing articles.  As graduate students, you may cite anothers idea, but your work must be original and creative.
4.    Under no circumstances can you ever hand in a paper that you have previously submitted in another class for credit.
5.    Plagiarism in any form is grounds for failure in the class, not just on the paper.


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