The writing of this two-page (500 word) written assignment will:

Facilitate the RN to BSN nursing student’s understanding of the professional role in deciding and determining whether healthcare information on a self-identified medical or health website is written on best practice, current evidence and is reliable and credible.
Support the professional nurse’s use of Health on the Net (HON) Foundation’s Code of Conduct Medical and Health Website Evaluation form in the decision-making process in order to:
Evaluate and analyze the information found within the medical and health websites

Determine whether the medical and health information is based on evidence, is accurate and valid 

Health on the Net Foundation’s Code of Conduct Medical and Health Website Evaluation Form can be found at Health on the Net Foundation for Medical Professionals  (https://www.hon.ch/med.html) and the Health on the Net  (https://www.hon.ch/en/) also provides health information regarding HONcode certification. Locate and utilize the evaluation form within the HONtools section. The Health on the Net

Assignment overview

Technology is constantly changing whereby the access and use of web-based healthcare information by patients, family members, and the general public as well as healthcare providers is on the rise. Healthcare information is readily available at the press of a button. However, the credibility and reliability of the information are not always known. To support and facilitate appropriate decisions, use of best evidence practice as well as to enhance patient-centered care, professional nurses need to be able to evaluate, analyze and validate the reliability and credibility of healthcare information found within websites and the internet.

Step 1 Introduction

Choose a website, HON criterion and Decision-Making Skills

Identify and briefly describe a medical or health website of your choosing which addresses a specific disease or health condition seen in a current area of practice
Discuss the purpose of the HON Foundation’s Code of Conduct Medical or Health Website Evaluation form
Step 2 Website, HON Criterion, Evidence and Safety Concerns, Recommendation(s)

The writing section will address the following information:

Outline and discuss the website which addresses a specific disease or health condition seen in a current area of practice
Based on each HON criterion categories discuss, determine, and analyze whether the information provided on the website is based on evidence, is reliable, is credible, and is accurate and valid
Identify, describe and discuss the evidence which supports the meeting of the HON evaluation criterion categories
Address and discuss areas of the website that do not meet the HON evaluation criterion categories
Describe any safety concerns patients and or their families need to be made aware of regarding the information within the self-identified website. Provide appropriate (2-3 Scholarly peer reviewed and published within 5 years) evidence and support for answer(s)
Based on the HON evaluation criteria, discuss whether or not you, as a professional nurse would recommend this website to your patient and or families, provide appropriate evidence to support your decision
Step 3 Reflection and Summary

Reflect on the process of evaluating the information found within the medical or health website, your role as a professional nurse in evaluating information on the Internet, and lessons learned
Briefly summarize how professional nurses might incorporate the HON website evaluation form criterion to assist and support their decision-making skills and current nursing practice.


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